The Writer's Life and Upcoming Events

It’s a busy time, launching a new book into the world. Five years of work to bring the book to life, and then letting it free and hoping people see it and want to read it. With the support of my publisher Allen&Unwin, I’ve been enjoying talking to readers at events all over the east coast of Australia, and I’ve also been chatting to lovers of literature on the airwaves - radio and podcasts. It has been very exciting. Imagine the thrill of seeing your book in shops and being reviewed in newspapers … a special thrill when the reports are good, which has been the case so far with ‘The Orchardist’s Daughter’.

I have quite a few events coming up as well - you can find all the details on my website events page (

Here are a few photos of my journey so far, talking with readers about books and writing.

From the top, left to right:

At 3CR with Dave, author CP Pomere and Jan Goldsmith. Collins Booksellers Croydon, Bowral Friends of Wingecarribee Libraries. Dymocks Brisbane. Dymocks Doncaster. Dymocks Hobart. Fairfield Books, Melbourne. The Hobart Bookshop. The State Bookshop, North Hobart. Yarra Junction Library. RACV Book launch with Chairman Netta Griffin.

Melbourne Launch at Readings Hawthorn with Kylie Ladd

For all my Melbourne friends. I am having a book launch for my new novel 'The Orchardist's Daughter' at Readings Hawthorn on February 26th at 6:30PM. It should be a fun event. Kylie Ladd, author of ‘The Way Back’, ‘Mothers and Daughters’, ‘Into My Arms’, and ‘Last Summer’ will be launching the book.

It’s a free event, and the link is here:

Please share with your friends. All welcome.

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Book Giveaway!


Thanks to my lovely publisher Allen & Unwin Books, I have five copies of 'The Orchardist's Daughter' to give away! Just tell me in 25 words or less why you would like a copy and the most interesting answers will receive a book.

TOD Giveaway.jpg

'The Orchardist's Daughter' is nearly here!


Only few weeks now until ‘The Orchardist’s Daughter’ launches into the world. It’s an exciting but scary time. Five years of intense work, and not everyone will like it. But that’s life. As an author, you do your best, then let your baby go. Let’s hope this baby takes off and soars into the sky!

Here’s a little about the book as described on the Constant Reader Bookshop website:   

The Orchardist’s Daughter - Karen Viggers

Set in the old-growth eucalypt forests and vast rugged mountains of the remote south,’ The Orchardist’s Daughter’ is an uplifting story about friendship, resilience and finding the courage to break free. 
Karen Viggers says “The Orchardist’s Daughter grew out of a sense of being an outsider – not necessarily being lonely or troubled, but just someone who can sometimes feel a little bit different.   I suspect it’s a pre-requisite for a writer – we all feel like outsiders at times. When I was writing I asked myself, when are we at our most vulnerable and when is it hardest for us to belong? “This book is for anyone who, like me, has ever felt a little bit different or separate from anyone else or who has struggled to find their place in life.  But it’s also for anyone that loves nature and feels humbled by forests, mountains and the wild.”   

UPCOMING EVENTS Timetable and Links

BRISBANE: Wednesday February 6 at Riverbend Books 6:30PM

SYDNEY: Tuesday February 12 Stanton Library, North Sydney 1PM

CANBERRA: Thursday February 14, ANU, 5:30 for 6:00PM

BOWRAL: Tuesday February 19, Bowral Library 10AM (Details to come)

MELBOURNE: Tuesday February 26, Readings Hawthorn, 6PM (Details to come)

LAUNCESTON: Wednesday 27 February (Details to come)

HOBART: Thursday 28 February (Details to come)

JUGIONG WRITERS FESTIVAL: Saturday March 23 (Details to come: )

Writing Retreat in Tasmania

Sometimes you need to get away to immerse yourself in writing. That's what I did last week: I set up a writing retreat in the landscape where my next novel is set. What a great excuse to go to Tasmania! I found a small cottage in the south-east overlooking the water, and I wrote. I drove a lot too, and visited the Tahune Air Walk and went boating on the Huon River and wandered around the small towns and little wharves, and walked along the water's edge. It helped with my writing. In my little cottage, with the wood-fire burning, I wrote late into the night. I lived in my own head space and within the skins of my characters.

Now I'm home and the momentum is continuing. All I need to do is look at the many photos I took, and I'm back there, remembering the light and shade over water, and the cold air nipping my nose.

Review of 'The Stranding' in 'Wild Melbourne'

Recently, Rachel Fetherston penned a very thoughtful and insightful review of 'The Stranding' for 'Wild Melbourne', an organisation that strives to connect people living in urban environments with nature. I connected with Rachel after she wrote a very interesting piece in 'Overland' on eco-fiction - a category into which my work fits nicely.

Here is a link to her article in 'Overland' (click here)

And here is a link to her lovely review of 'The Stranding' in 'Wild Melbourne' (click here)



A Continuing Story in France

Here is a story about a wonderful event I had in Lille with the second biggest bookstore in France: Le Furet du Nord. This bookshop has NINE levels! That's huge. They also have a feature wall a bit like something out of a Harry Potter movie, and more books than you've ever seen. It was like dying and going to heaven!

Outside le Furet du Nord with Jean-Francois from the bookstore who was wonderfully helpful.

Outside le Furet du Nord with Jean-Francois from the bookstore who was wonderfully helpful.

It can be a little confronting to see yourself on a big screen ...

It can be a little confronting to see yourself on a big screen ...

In Paris for my books

Paris is an amazing city: so full of history and wonderful architecture and incredible museums and galleries. I'm here to do some promotions for my books which are going very well over here - the French love nature and landscapes, and they are way ahead of us in their thinking about sustainability and the impact of humans on the Earth. My family and I have had a few days exploring the city, and now I'm in the swing of doing publicity videos and events with my wonderful publishers over here: Les Escales and Le Livre do Poche. Her I am having fund with friendly French readers last night, at a cute little bookshop called Mots en Marge, run by the dynamic Nathalie. 

With Veronique Carid of Livre de poche, Nathalie of Mots en Marge, and Anne and Sylive also from Livre de poche.

With Veronique Carid of Livre de poche, Nathalie of Mots en Marge, and Anne and Sylive also from Livre de poche.

Visit to Thirroul Library - March 2017

I have just returned from a lovely gathering with readers from Thirroul Library. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on writing to reconnect people with country, a major focus of my work in this modern world of fixation on screens and technology. I also talked about finding the heart in the story when writing a book. Its'a all about connection, whichever way you look at it. Thank you to Peta Moss (Librarian) for organising the event, and to Dean Swift Books from Nowra for coming along to sell books. And thank you to all those lovely readers to came to hear me speak.

With lovely librarian Peta Moss

With lovely librarian Peta Moss

On the beach at Corrimal

On the beach at Corrimal

There's always room for another lighthouse.

There's always room for another lighthouse.

New Releases in France

I'm delighted that two of my books will be released in France this week. 'Le Murmure du vent" (the Grass Castle, published by Les Escales, and "La Maison des hautes falaises" (The Stranding), published by Livre de poche.

Recent Visit to to Parkes and Young libraries

Last week I drove to Young and Parkes to talk with readers at the local libraries. Spring had arrived magnificently with vast fields of canola flowering and everything else wet and green and warm. I had the opportunity to visit the Dish at Parkes, where one of my favourite films was set. And I had an adventurous drive, dodging floodwaters. Here are a few photos from my trip.

Floodwaters near Forbes

Floodwaters near Forbes

I love this photo, especially the old car in the foreground and the kelpie sitting up on the tractor.

I love this photo, especially the old car in the foreground and the kelpie sitting up on the tractor.

New look website

Very excited to have finally updated my website. It's one of those things that authors keep putting off. Sometimes we'd rather write a whole novel than deal with technology. But here it is. I've conquered a new platform, and it's ready to go.