'The Orchardist's Daughter' is nearly here!


Only few weeks now until ‘The Orchardist’s Daughter’ launches into the world. It’s an exciting but scary time. Five years of intense work, and not everyone will like it. But that’s life. As an author, you do your best, then let your baby go. Let’s hope this baby takes off and soars into the sky!

Here’s a little about the book as described on the Constant Reader Bookshop website: http://www.constantreader.com.au/events-web-app/writers-at-stanton-karen-viggers   

The Orchardist’s Daughter - Karen Viggers

Set in the old-growth eucalypt forests and vast rugged mountains of the remote south,’ The Orchardist’s Daughter’ is an uplifting story about friendship, resilience and finding the courage to break free. 
Karen Viggers says “The Orchardist’s Daughter grew out of a sense of being an outsider – not necessarily being lonely or troubled, but just someone who can sometimes feel a little bit different.   I suspect it’s a pre-requisite for a writer – we all feel like outsiders at times. When I was writing I asked myself, when are we at our most vulnerable and when is it hardest for us to belong? “This book is for anyone who, like me, has ever felt a little bit different or separate from anyone else or who has struggled to find their place in life.  But it’s also for anyone that loves nature and feels humbled by forests, mountains and the wild.”   

UPCOMING EVENTS Timetable and Links

BRISBANE: Wednesday February 6 at Riverbend Books 6:30PM


SYDNEY: Tuesday February 12 Stanton Library, North Sydney 1PM


CANBERRA: Thursday February 14, ANU, 5:30 for 6:00PM


BOWRAL: Tuesday February 19, Bowral Library 10AM (Details to come)

MELBOURNE: Tuesday February 26, Readings Hawthorn, 6PM (Details to come)

LAUNCESTON: Wednesday 27 February (Details to come)

HOBART: Thursday 28 February (Details to come)

JUGIONG WRITERS FESTIVAL: Saturday March 23 (Details to come: http://jugiongwritersfestival.com/ )